Anne Carrere


Anne Carrere

Anne Carrere (performer) made her debut in large-scale musical theatre as the star of PIAF!, THE SHOW. A native of Puget Ville, a small town in the South of France, she began preparing for a stage career in her early teens, studying voice, acting, and a variety of vocal and dance styles at the renowned art school Salon-de-Provence. She later pursued classical musical training, playing flute and piano. Before seriously pursuing her passion for the traditional French chanson, Anne participated in numerous French talent competitions and TV shows, showcasing her singing and dancing skills in diverse styles including classical, jazz and breakdance.

At age 12, she began voice lessons with Daniel Bastian and theater training with Didier Biosca.

Sensitive, energetic and determined, she maintained a rigorous schedule of artistic training and competitions while continuing her studies. After obtaining a literary Baccalaureate, she joined her first band and rapidly became a well-known name in show business.

Her noteworthy participation in Michel Fugain's show "Be Careful Ladies and Gentlemen", galas and concerts did not occupy all of Anne's time. In parallel, she began IMFP training from Salon-de-Provence a very famous high school music in France. There she studied jazz vocals and vocal nuance and mastery from Julien Baudry and Richard Cross.

Anne writes, creates and innovates constantly. She is truly a well-rounded artist who invents and reinvents her art in a unique and rich way each time she performs.

A lover of classic French songs, Anne participated in the 2014 casting call for PARIS! The Show. Captivated by the power of her voice and her natural charisma, Gil Marsalla, producer and director of the show, immediately offered her the role of Edith Piaf.

Anne then met Germaine Ricord, singer and friend of Edith Piaf during many years on PIAF tour. Germaine also falls immediately in love with this incredible voice and with this little lady that reminds him so much of his friend Edith Piaf.

She said on ANNE CARRERE : "I found the voice and personality of Anne Carrere to be Edith Piaf at the top of her career !



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