Frédéric Viale


Frédéric Viale is 44 years old. At the age of eight, he was introduced to the world of music by Mr. Lucien Galliano (father of Richard Galliano). He studied the repertoires of Murena, Viseur, Colombo and Baselli and participated in national and international competitions. As a teenager, he discovered jazz thanks to Django Reinhardt, Stéphane Grappelli, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis. It was at this time that he also fell in love with the bandoneon, which he played in various groups. Frédéric's taste for harmony, rhythm, improvisation and composition naturally led him to record his first album "Paradise" with his fellow musicians.

Composer and arranger, Frédéric Viale plays his accordion to the rhythms of jazz, tango or Brazilian music on national and international stages. Frédéric Viale plays his own compositions, alone or with his trio. In 2015, Pigini, the internationally renowned Italian manufacturer, rewarded Frederic with an award. Pigini, the internationally renowned Italian manufacturer, offered Frederic a custom-made instrument: the "new Cassotto FV". Generous and subtle sound, a fabulous gift for a jazzman.